Monday, June 11, 2012

BakeAlong: Pear Crumble!

with their
Click > Pear and Maple Crumble < for the recipe!
I did not fancy eating pear and crumble only so decided to have a base for it!
the recipe I used involved melting 250g of unsalted butter in water and sugar;
then add part by part to shifted 1 cup self raising flour, 1 cup all purpose flour thingy
add enough flour to make a pliable dough and then leave in the fridge for 30mins thingy
either I interpreted the recipe wrongly or it was not a good one
(so I won't give the full recipe here)
Above: chopped pears with raisins mixed with the spices and honey (cos I had no maple syrup)
Above: the 3 small pies have apple filling
while the apple pies can be eaten because they are smaller so the dough was done,
as compared to the large pie where while the pears are chunchy
 but I dislike the topping but
the dough was soggy ;(
but I managed to save the situation by toasting slices of it
in the toaster oven before eating!
anyways, bake night was saved by this usual bread 
and I made something with my blender
 hint2: something that after blending, then cooking in a pot over medium heat
the results which will go very well with the next BakeAlong item ~ Scones!


simple baking said...

Toasting your pie in the oven is a brilliant idea. Nice apple tarts.

kitchen flavours said...

A wonderful idea to make a base for the pears!! And quick thinking about rescuing the slices by toasting them!
You already made scones? I'll be making some maybe this week!
Have a nice day, Emily and thank you for baking along with us! :)

Michele Soon said...

Pear and crumble pie! What a good idea... Mich@Piece of Cake

lena said...

sorry to hear that you didnt like the topping but at least glad that you made your way out to eat the crumble:)thanks again for baking with us and looking forward to your scones!!

アンゼエリン said...

good idea from the base. At least you don't mess up the tables while you are slicing it.

Zoe said...

Sorry to hear that your dough was soggy. You probably have to pre-cook the pie filling first if you are baking it with a base. Can't wait to bake our scones for our next bake-along

Anonymous said...

An interesting take on this. Baking it with a base must be great. The crumble was yummy, also.

Alice said...

pear crumble pie, yum!

Jasline (Food Is My Life) said...

This is an interesting adaptation of the recipe.. if you found a perfect base for the crumble, do let us know ;)