Wednesday, March 2, 2011

About Being Footless ~ Take #2

Learnt to draw circles on the underside of my parchment paper. 
 Much stiffer the 2nd time round
 I still prefer to use greaseproof paper as piping bag
 David's tip on using a tall glass is very helpful!
Batter was a bit dense compared to Take#1 (forgot to take picture).
Waited 30 mins after piping before baking. But alas, stiff egg whites (I used 2/3 granulated sugar and 1/3 icing sugar) equals cracks?  And threw away a batch as the oven was a tad hot. Should wait for oven to cool down abit before 2nd tray goes in!
 The filling was easier to work with after a night's stay in the fridge!
Results of Take #2
Still feetless!


dottology said...

OMG! takut, takut, takut, takuuuttttt!!! :-)))

Emily said...

they are feetless and not as pretty as their Paris counter parts; but they are delish!