Monday, February 28, 2011

About Being Footless! Take #1!

 Well, they are supposed to be macarons, French Chocolate ones at that!

I think maybe, the whites can be more stiff
Above: maybe for Take #2, I will sift this combo!
Top and Bottom:  See? as long as there is improvement, lesson well learnt!

Top and Bottom:  Roughly 20 mins difference in these two batches

Best batch of the session... threw about six pieces away due to over cooking or the oven was too hot
and I suddenly remember something.... never tasted a macaron before... so how am I to know if these are good.... hahahahaha

Hey!! he only got this recipe perfect with 7 takes!!


dottology said...

OMG!! wow!!!!! congratulations! okay, does this mean that i am off the hook? yes? :-)))

Emily said...


Waiting for your post!