Friday, November 24, 2017

TheCakeSliceBakers: November 2017 ~ Panforte di Siena

I do believe I have the right texture of Panforte, rich and chewy!  Great with a cup of 'bitter Lotus tea' which is the green shoot found inside the Lotus seed ~ to offset the sweetness of the Panforte!
I followed the recipe about 90% true ~ I used almond flakes, pistachios, hazelnuts, mixed dried fruits of dried cranberries, and citrus peel; reduced 1 cup of sugar to 3/4 cup and increased 1/2 cup of clear honey to 2/3 cup.
Used 1 heaped tablespoon of mixed spices instead of 1/8 this and 1/4 that, but totally forgot about black pepper (which I think would be lovely) so my Panforte was lacking a bit of heat! 
below: OMG ~ horrors~ how to get the bowl and utensils clean?

 Panforte di Siena p.135
"World Class Cakes" by Roger Pizey
November is the last month we are baking from "World Class Cakes" by Roger Pizey, and first time ever in the history of TheCakeSliceBakers, in December we shall be revisiting the previous cake books and baking our own choices or favorites!  Excellent Idea, Admins!
Please scroll down to see all the beautiful cakes that were baked this month, and don't forget to check out our Facebook Page. Also, if you are interested in joining the #TheCakeSliceBakers, please send an email to Felice at thecakeslicebakers at gmail dot com, and she will send you all the information you need! We are a great bunch of bakers, happy to make new friends!

The Cake Slice Badge

We continue to bake from "World Class Cakes" by Roger Pizey! 
This month Cake Choices are...
  1. Mark Hix’s Oyster Ale Cake p.66
  2. Kouign Aman p.206
  3. Panforte di Siena p.135
  4. Chocolate Cinnamon Babka p.262
Visit our members to see what cake choice they baked up! 


Elle said...

Emily, this was the one I was going to make before the sudden death in the family. Yours looks wonderful and has inspired me to try the recipe anyway! I like the reduction of sugar and addition of honey!!

Felice Geoghegan said...

You definitely have the right texture and I am now craving Panforte di Siena - it looks fantastic.