Friday, June 23, 2017

The Cake Slice Bakers: Kueh Lapis

This month Cake Choices are...
Marco Pierre White’s Harvey’s Lemon Tart p.24
Rhubarb Crumble Cake p.89
Kueh Lapis p.139
Willie Harcourt-Cooze’s Cloud Forest Chocolate Cake p.46
First time ever baking a Kueh Lapis, made half the recipe and hoped for the best! The only changes to the original recipe was that I used mixed spice instead of only cinnamon; and pressing down each layer before adding batter for the next layer. I watched a video for Kueh Lapis but it says Spekkoek (Dutch for layered cake) Made Easy and the easy part is using a light and a dark batter (made up of more spices) to achieve the distinct layers.  The original kueh lapis gets the distinct layers from baking each layer to a golden brown hue before adding the next layer of batter. I found this video on youtube and the tips are quite good and easy to follow!  As as Brenda says...just go for it! 

(1) It is best to use a spring form, non-stick cake pan.  I used this mini heart shaped springform pan (as I could not find the base of my mini round springform pan (darn!).  

(2) This cake is only do-able with the broiler element in your oven, hence my gas oven is out of sync for this cake (trust me, I tried!). Next time I shall drag out my panini press which I think should be perfect for this cake!  This time I used my small countertop toaster oven, and it worked!

At half the recipe I baked exactly two mini heart pan cakes! One with raisins giving me eight layers and the other plain at eleven layers.  Original cake should be around twenty or so layers!

I must say that being part of #TheCakeSliceBakers has made me more adventurous and baking outside of my comfort zone (though I have yet to master frostings!) and here I am, baked my very first Kueh Lapis!
Above left: with raisins and right, plain.
 Not pretty but then again, it is my first try and no burns on my hands and arms!
Kueh Lapis p.139
"World Class Cakes" by Roger Pizey
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Felice Geoghegan said...

Emily you are the Kueh Lapis queen! It looks fantastic and I will have to go and watch the videos and follow your direction as I really want to bake this. It was my first choice, but my family asked me to make the lemon tart instead.

Carlee said...

Oh my goodness! Now you have my curiosity piqued and I want to try making one now too. I am off to check out the video as well!

Sandra Lee said...

Yours came out great and thanks for the tip about using a spring form pan. I will definitely try this recipe again.