Sunday, April 16, 2017

Cookbook Countdown #16: Florentine pasta shells stuffed with beef and bechamel sauce

For our Sunday dinner:
Florentine pasta shells stuffed with beef and bechamel sauce
with simple green pear and snow peas salad
with horseradish cream
Three parts: bechamel sauce, tomato sauce, meat sauce
and (fourth) conchiglioni pasta shells pre-cooked till al dente,
drained and leave to dry on clean tea towel
Top left: starting the meat sauce - saute finely chopped onions
Top right: bechamel sauce ready!
adding half the bechamel sauce to the cooked ground beef
(tomato sauce in bottom of baking dishes)
stuff the pasta shells with the meat sauce, topped with extra bechamel
I used my toaster oven (worked perfectly) for 8 mins,
add grated  Pecorino cheese, toast another couple of mins 
add more tomato sauce in bottom of serving plate
dish out stuffed pasta into centre of plate
and the balance of the tomato sauce around the side
garnish with basil leaves and cili oil if so desired
(I ran out of fresh basil and had no cili oil)
still good!
Florentine pasta shells stuffed with beef and
bechamel sauce aka Conchiglioni Ripieni Alla Fiorentina
recipe from pages 116-117 of
Gino D'Acampo's
Gino's Italian escapes
A Taste of the Sun
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