Friday, August 1, 2014

FFwD ~ Gateau Basque and then some!

I was actually prepared not to like
this week's recipe
but I change my mind
it is DELISH!

I made half the recipe
and got six mini cakes
three I filled with Bon Maman's blueberry jam
and three with Chataigne d'Ardeche SABATON 
aka chestnut spread
I tasted the chestnut cake
and one who tasted the blueberry
'not enough blueberry!'
to justify eating desserts these days
I hand beat, cream and whip
everything with either a spatula or whisk!
secret is room temperature butter
and icing sugar (in place of caster)
Gateau Basque ~ page 470
or go to recipe H E R E
and here are a couple of make-ups:
Sardine Rillettes ~ page 25
I happened to grab the can of sardines
with chilli, so additional heat not necessary!
Great snack!

and I made plans to make the following dessert
as a make up dish for sometime now
and here it is:
Floating Islands - page 427
Creme Anglaise - page 50
Warm Caramel sauce - page 510
 I poached the meringue instead of baking
just to try out the poached taste
will bake it the next time 
to see if its better baked
I enjoyed this!
the balance of the creme anglaise
is in the freezer! 

Today is the last day of our long weekend holiday
tomorrow back to work

Do check out the rest of group's results for this week's recipe at:
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  1. Mini cakes - Perfect!!!! Love your make up week with Alice!

  2. I love the mini-cakes... adorable. If we did that I wouldn't have to had bought a pan and my daughter and I could each have enjoyed the filling of our choice.

  3. Me too, I love the mini-cakes. Personal cakes with a variety of fillings. Perfect! Nice catch up on the other recipes too.

  4. love the assortment of mini basques! I have some chestnut spread in the fridge...I should give that a shot.

  5. I think your cakes are adorable. I always love any individual serving presentation! The chestnut sounds really good. I used my home made jam, and did the whole cake, but your versions all look delicious (as do your make-ups).

  6. LOL you have been busy this week!! : ) Did you poach your meringue in milk or water??

    oh and your mini gateaus are just fabulous! great job! cant wait for our next make-up!

  7. Terrific idea to make minis! All kinds of wonderful options :) And my family loved the floating islands, too. I can barely get the Friday posts done...I don't know if I'll ever get to the handful I've skipped. You and Alice are an inspiration, though :)

  8. Love that you made little minis with yours. I used 1/2 a recipe and made a 6" mini. Perfect for two of us.

  9. I like your dessert justification strategy:) We loved this dessert too. Thanks for the suggestion of putting it in a picnic basket.

  10. Emily, nice idea to use blueberry jam and chestnut spread for the filling. Mini servings are always cute and you made some wonderful dishes from previous FFwD recipes! Great job!

  11. Oh, the chestnut spread sounds good. I would love to try that version!
    And yum on the floating islands

  12. I loved the floating island dessert. Thanks for the reminder. I'm definitely going to need to make it again. Chestnut spread and blueberry jam both sound delicious. I love the idea of making mini cakes!

  13. Chestnut filling - what a great idea. I am sure it worked wonderfully with the delicious "cookie" dough. The sardine spread? Probably not my idea of a great snack but I will take two floating islands instead. They look gorgeous. Good for you for taking your days off to catch up on FFWD recipes.

  14. Your little cakes look delicious, and great job catching up on the rillettes and floating islands!

  15. Love your little cakes and the filling idea! Your catch ups are great, too. I was really surprised at how easy those elegant islands were to make, weren't you?