Thursday, August 7, 2014

FFwD ~ Tuna Confit with black olive tapenade and tomato salsa

I served the tuna confit two ways:
(1) stuff on toast
cold from the fridge
toasted olive ciabatta rolls
(by SwissMoments bakery)
smeared with hot English mustard
I cannot decide which I liked better
the tuna confit
or the ciabatta rolls
a perfect match!
a great breakfast
by my self
as DH is away in China
he would love this!
(2) main course
on top of the suggested
mash with the tomato salsa
but minus the olive tapenade
which I made before
I thought of splashing on some balsamic
but after tasting the first forkful
(making sure it has all of the elements)
forget the balsamic
perfect as is!
The Tuna portion I made was 210 gms
hence I 'baked' it
in my >Go HERE to see Thermal Pots<
after spending overnight in the fridge
after removing the tuna from the marinate
mix the marinate well to ensure an even
distribution of all herbs, preserved lemon, celery
and dried tomatoes
put the mixture into the inner pot
bring it up to bubbling, put in the tuna pieces
(I cut it into two pieces to fit the pot)
making sure the olive oil marinate covers the tuna
I used roughly about 1.5 cups of olive oil
bring the contents to a boil again
before putting on the lid,
remove from fire
into the insulating pot the inner pot went!
time it for one (1) hour
and I got Tuna Confit!
a lightish pink, definitely not rosy!

and here is a catch up dish: 
Pierre Hermé’s Sablés aux Olives Noires
which the Doristas did way back in April 2013
most peculiar - grated hard boiled egg yolk
with olive oil, potato starch, flour
chopped black olives
(I used Spanish black olives)
actually very easy to put together
and Dorie says do-able by hand
its a recipe that you do not need to beat the batter
especially if like me
you use room temperature butter
and icing sugar in place of normal castor sugar
after an overnight rest in the fridge
I sliced and baked the smallest of the
three rolls I have from the full recipe
baked them this morning before getting 
ready for work!
easy peachy!
I wonder if the olive flavor will be further
intensified by tomorrow.... will find out soon!
note to self:
please follow Dorie's advice, bake only one tray at a time!
 Do check out the rest of group's results for this week's recipe at:
Tuna confit and tomato salsa ~ pages 305-306-307
black olive tapenade - page 487
Pierre Herme’s Olive Sables ~ page 12
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  1. I bet this was delicious on toast! We had no leftover tuna, but we did use the leftover salsa to make a delicious bruschetta!

  2. Great post, this tuna was really a surprise. We enjoyed it, including the salsa. Your salbles look quite delish.

  3. We didn't have any left over either great idea on the ciabatta rolls.

  4. Nice job. I wouldn't have thought of it, but this tuna on a sandwich sounds delicious. And, I forgot about the olive sables, but I remember loving them. Time for me to make them again.

  5. Oh yum, I loved those olive sables. I may need to make them again soon.

  6. I like that you turned this into stuff on toast :-)
    Those olive sables were tasty - it is always great when FFwD members make back recipes and remind us of some of the great food we've tried in the past!

  7. I like the idea of the stuff on toast. Your sables also turned out well.

  8. Wow- great results on all ! So funny that you referred to it as the official "stuff on toast" which has turned out to be a phrase that gets so much play amongst Doristas that I think Dorie may need to actually afford it it's own recipe page in her next book (or at least a jumping off point of inspiration on how to create these yummies). Photos look amazing and make me want it all.....great job !

  9. I liked that your prepared your tuna two ways. I haven't made those sables yet either. How did they go over at work?

  10. You've been busy. Easier when hubby's out of town, huh? But that was lots of good food to eat alone. Nicely done. As I recall, the sablés didn't have as much black olive taste as I thought they would have. Still, a great cocktail cookie.

  11. I liked those sable cookies. Especially the sweet-salty combination. Both of your tuna meals sound delicious.