Wednesday, April 19, 2017

TCS ~ Turkish Yogurt Cake

It is The Cake Slice reveal day!

Recipes up for baking are:

Japanese Strawberry Shortcake p.28,
Shannon Bennett's Lamingtons p.188, 
Pistachio and Lemon Cake p.78, 
Turkish Yogurt Cake p.86

 and I eventually baked my second choice:
Turkish yogurt cake
I must say that this cake cannot be baked in any pan smaller than
5" round cake pan (recipe calls for 9" round pan, and it did not say
spring form - but it should!)
 As usual I went about baking the cake in various sizes,
thankfully one in a 4" spring form pan! 
Surprisingly, this week I could not find Greek yogurt at either one
of the two places I get my ingredients from (shipment must have been delayed)
I made do with natural yogurt (unstrained), the batter was easy to pull
together, the end result is entirely my own fault in going with
various small pans... 
The cake batter did puffed up, and subsided (like souffles)
and if my fellow members know me well,
it is still good if I can eat it with a spoon!
The Cake Slice is baking from
"World Class Cakes" by Roger Pizey, for our new season! 

The Cake Slice Badge


Gina said...

I bet it still tasted good!

EmilyC said...
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EmilyC said...

Yes, it was! Especially with a cup of strong black Vietnamese coffee!

Carlee said...

I loved how easily this cake came together and quite enjoyed the result too, but I agree that it should definitely be done in springform pans!

Hazel said...

oh girl!! You and your tiny baking ;) I love it!! and of course if it can be eaten with a spoon and fruit then BINGO, you have lucked out!! Hazel xxx

SusanD Blades said...

They look good with fruit. I agree about the springform pan - mine came out in two pieces!

Elle said...

Will make a note in my book to use a springform if I make this. Still, with all that yummy fruit it looks devine.

Candice said...

Yes! Definitely a spring form would have helped with this recipe. I had the same issues with mine. But boy was the flavor good! :)

Felice Geoghegan said...

Great minds think alike, and I totally agree that a springform pan is the way to go with this cake. A cup of Vietnamese coffee you mention in the comments sounds like the perfect accompaniment.

Kim said...

Great to know about the springform pan. It looks so yummy with the fresh fruit.