Sunday, December 4, 2016

Cookbook Countdown #12 ~ Tomato and lentil mille-feuille

For this month, you may use those cookbooks which you have shared at Cookbook Countdown, from January 2016 onwards. So, in December : You may select a new chosen cookbook to cook or bake from as usual, OR you may re-visit all the cookbooks that you have used at Cookbook Countdown from January to November 2016. There might be a recipe or two that you've been eyeing to try, from some of those books from the months before. December is the time to share them. Let's browse thru those books again! Or cook from a new book, the choice is yours!
I am revisiting one of my favorite cooks and cookbook authors ~ Rachel Khoo!
This recipe is from her 'The Little French Kitchen' - pages 64-65
Millefeuilles aux tomates et lentilles
aka Tomato and lentil mille-feuille
First time cooking this type of lentils from scratch,
I was prepared to soak them overnight but found them to be
soft enough after two hours - only need to boil them for twenty minutes
and they were ready to be used.
The buckwheat crepes - batter need to be made and kept in the fridge for
at least an hour and best if overnight
I made half the recipe for the crepe batter and have enough crepes 
leftover, which I am sure hubby will enjoy with whatever filling he likes.
I used my mini non-stick pan (4" diameter) and used my 4" diameter
spring form pan too.  Lined the bottom with parchment paper.
Starting with one crepe at the bottom and ending with crepe on top
in between - cover the crepe with the lentils and diced red peppers, 
zucchini (I used cucumber without the seeds), onions and cherry tomatoes
topped with (in my case - sliced red and yellow cherry tomatoes)
scatter chopped thyme (I used chopped Thai basil)
drizzled with olive oil
baked for 20 mins
at first I thought this was lacking grated cheese
for the taste for one thing and to help bind
the layers together...
but after the first taste.... everything was good!
Now why did I wait so long to make this? LOL
my collection of  Rachel Khoo's cookbooks:
Rachel Khoo's
The Little Paris Kitchen
My Little French Kitchen
RK's Kitchen Notebook

and the latest additions to my collection:
Rachel Khoo's 'sweet & savory pates'
and Rachel Khoo's 'muesli & granola'

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Ms Howtheylived said...

What a great cook you are! This all looks very impressive. Thank you for introducing me to those great-looking cookbooks!

kitchen flavours said...

You are definitely a true fan of RK! Both the crepe and the filling sounds good! Healthy and taste good meal!