Sunday, July 3, 2016

Cookbook Countdown #7: CAN ~ Spicy rice noodles with herbs

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Thank goodness for Cookbook Countdown!
Look what I found from my stash ~ Classic Asian Noodles
pages 48-49: spicy rice vermicelli fried with herbs 
 cooking oil for frying
chopped garlic
fish cake, sliced into stripes
prawns, peeled
light soy sauce
bean sprouts
dried fine-medium rice vermicelli, softened in cold water
salt, water (I used fish bone stock)
Fresh herbs mix (coriander leaves,spring onions,
chinese celery, tumeric leaves (forgot about this)
basil and/or mint (I used only mint)
spice paste of: fresh red chilies,
shallots, garlic cloves and water - blended.
I love the after-taste of the mint.  A delightful dish
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Kaye said...

Can I come to dinner please?

Emily said...

Let me know when!?

kitchen flavours said...

Hi Em,
Wow, I know that I would love this bee hoon meal! Fried bee hoon is my favourite and with all the herbs extra fragrant and tasty!

EmilyC said...

Joyce, This was delicious!