Saturday, June 20, 2015

TCS ~ Pink Lemonade Cake

 Oh My Gosh!
This cake was so so easy to put together
and into the oven!
and that frosting..
Oh so so so Delicious!
I licked the beaters clean!
I made half the recipe
and got a small square cake,
one tiny loaf cake
and five small cupcakes 
(one already consumed straight out of the oven!)
just look at that crumb
Pink Lemonade Cake - pg 234-5
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OvenDelights said...

The crumb on your cake looks perfect! I originally had picked this recipe, but since I had such a crazy month ahead of me I had to settle for what I had on hand! This recipe will be bookmarked for me!

The Ninja Baker said...

Your crumb does look divine, Emily. I now want to remake the cake and maybe give mine a little less time in the oven...Bravo to your success with the lemonade cake =)

Laura@Baking in Pyjamas said...

This looks fabulous Emily, I want a slice!

Elle said...

Beautiful and perfect crumb. Love the pink topping beads, too. So pretty.