Saturday, June 27, 2015

CCC (the Cottage Cooking Club) ~ River Cottage Veg Everyday!

Happy to join a healthy lifestyle cooking group
Every Day Veg (well... almost everyday!)
(1)  Macaroni peas (with frozen peas!) dinner for me
(I made a pumpkin version of this for hubby's lunch the next day)
dinner for one! 
(2) Halloumi, new potato and tomato kebabs
 no bbq - grill worked just fine!
 NOTE: use any veg you would like here, no reason to restrict the recipe to potatoes and tomatoes
 **was puzzled as to why no salt mentioned in the recipe...
the Halloumi (I think it was halloumi I bought!) was salty!
reminded me of mock chicken from the vegetarian shops..
 with half a toasted ciabatta to soak up 
(sherry vinegar infused) 
the marinade!
(3) Ribollita
above with toasted country bread for dinner
and with crackers for mug full of goodness anytime!

(4) new potato salad - tartare
a quickly put together salad
broad beans (two ways!)
with basically similar ingredients 

but be warned... gas!
above: all that I have of Hugh's!
(1) Macaroni peas (pg 264)
NOTE: use fresh OR frozen peas here
(2) Halloumi, new potato and tomato kebabs (page 334)
NOTE: use any veg you would like here, no reason to restrict 
the recipe to potatoes and tomatoes
(3) Ribollita (pg 151)
(4) New potato salad.. tartare (pg 79)
(5) Bruschetta with garlickly broad bean puree, ricotta and mint (pg 196)
want the recipes?  go buy a copy of it!
apologies, I bought the last copy from Kinokuniya KL!


  1. Hi Emily, I was thinking about making the kebabs, never had halloumi cheese before. All your dishes look wonderful. So glad you joined the group. Take care!

  2. Welcome to the CCC, Emily. I was so pleased to see your link for the first time on the CCC site. I believe you will enjoy Hugh's recipes as well as the entire group of gals who are cooking along. (BTW, we all refer to him as Hugh because Fearnley-Whittingstall is such a long last night and we always forget its spelling. So, Hugh, it is.) Most of you made the Marcaroni Peas and sometime I will try it b-u-t I'm just not a big pea fan. As for the Halloumi kebabs, they look delicious. I had not eaten Halloumi until two years ago and am disappointed I can't have a
    grill here at The Gant to try these. I planned to make the Ribollita but June was busier than expected. Still plan to try that. Soup works all year round in the mountains. Our nights are cold. I also made the potato salad and will continue using that recipe this summer. As for the broad beans - couldn't find them. I envy you who can (except for the gas). I do remember that Trader Joe's even sold them in a jar but we don't have a Trader Joe's. I had never seen the second cookbook you put on this post. Will investigate. Again, I personally am very happy you joined this group and look forward to cooking with you. I must also say that I loved your comment on my blog this week (your comments are always great) and your thoughts. XOX

  3. Welcome to CCC!
    What a great selection of dishes you made. It looks as though the macaroni peas was a popular one this month but I love the sound of the pumpkin variation you made for your husband. The potato tartare and ribollita were among my favourites this month. I'm looking forward to cooking with you again next month.

  4. Welcome Emily, hope you enjoy the Cottage Cooking Club as much as I. Your selections look lovely and I too like your creative twist on preparing the macaroni peas on the following day using pumpkin. I have prepared a number of High's Bruschetta's and find them all lovely. Nice Kebabs! And the potato salad seems to be a hit among all this month, I do very much like the ingredient combination. Looking forward to seeing you in the future and happy you've joined us!

  5. Dear Emily - a warm welcome to the Cottage Cooking Club! YOu certainly prepared some wonderful and delicious lookig dishes - the Halloumi is widely available in Europe, it works equally well in a grill pan as it does on a BBQ and we enjoy it as an alternative to meat. It should always be marinated and adds some saltiness - just lovely.
    The mac & peas, the potato salad, the ribollita, and the bruschetta all look wonderful the way you prepared them - the bruschetta was my absolute personal favorite this month! What a stunner of a recipe.
    Thank you for joining us and we all look forward to cooking along with you in the CCC during the coming months!

  6. All the dishes look delicious, Emily! Too bad about the bruschetta and the gas--always a bummer when I have to be careful about a dish. :)

  7. Hi Emily, You went all in with your first venture with CCC! You made some nice choices. The only one I also made was the potato salad, which I loved. One of the things I like about this group is getting a preview of the recipes I don't choose that month. It makes it easier to figure out the winners!

  8. Welcome Emily! Nice to "meet" you. All your choices look great. I like the sound of the pumpkin version of the mac & peas. I was hoping to make the potato salad and kababs, but did not get to them. Sounds like the salad was a hit with all. I'll have to try to get to that one.