Friday, January 30, 2015

FFwD ~ Croquants (apic fail) but I got backups!

I seldom make cookies and even a simple
4 ingredients recipe can give me heartache
batter was too runny
the cookies burnt
those that did not, were chewy instead of crispy
I should have enjoyed the salted cashew nuts
straight from the bag!
I have 2 make-up dishes to make up
for the cookie mishap
inspired by H.E.R!
Beggar's linguine
dinner for one
 a bit too much ingredients too little pasta

the last of the duck dishes in AMFT
all came highly recommended by H.E.R!
dinner was
 Duck breast with fresh peaches
but hubby picked out the peaches
when I serve it with pasta for lunch
Do check out the rest of group's results for this week's recipe at:
(click picture below)
Beggar's Linguine pgs 370-371
Duck breast with fresh peaches pgs 230-231
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  1. I'm sorry the cookies didn't work out for you! You managed two great catch ups, though. It's amazing how many of our partners pick out parts of the dishes we serve to them from AMFT! :)

  2. I preferred your two featured dishes over the croquants :) I would have happily eaten your husbands peaches :)

  3. Dear Emily, both your make-up dishes look delightful - how nice that you cooked your way through these two recipes - respect! And the croquants, we enjoyed them but I would not have said "no" to your delicious offerings either!
    Have a nice weekend,

  4. Bummer that the cookies didn't work out! Your other dishes look tasty though!

  5. Sorry these didn’t work out for you. Your make up dishes look yummy!

  6. You did a great make-up, everything looks delicious. Sorry the cookie recipe didn't work for you.

  7. Too bad about the cookies, but the duck and pasta both look like they came out great.

  8. That is the way the cookie crumbles. I am glad your make-ups went well. I still need to make a duck recipe too. Have a great week.

  9. Sorry the cookies were not a hit - but those make up dishes look delicious.

  10. I'm sorry your cookies didn't work. I wonder what made the batter too thin. Do you think your egg whites were bigger than the U.S. standard large? Your two make up recipes look great, though. I tried clicking on your H.E.R. link but it couldn't be found:(