Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Day 2014 - power breakfast for two

Its also DH's birthday
so we had these at 12.10am!
and after sleeping in abit, had this breakfast at 10am!
 below: 4 eggs omelette starring Dilled Gravlax
 shared by two
 below: DH's breakfast papaya (with seeds) and organic rambutans
 followed by
gravlax omelette with crispy bacon!
then DH left for lunch with his DS and DIL with DGD
and I had more gravlax, with dill mustard sauce
for a light lunch
and I am glad I found a supplier of organic fruits
and heritage seedlings
 below: I recognise all of the fruits except the knobby one on the left
 so my package includes:
mangos, cikcus, rambutans, lemons, limes and that knobby fruit
 below: I am so looking forward to planting these!

Have a Happy New Year and all the best for the year ahead!


  1. What a way to start off the new year! Looks like you've had a wonderful celebration and feast! Happy New Year Emily! Hope it's a happy and healthy one for you! : )

  2. Happy New Year, Emily! Wow, I am eyeing the crispy bacon!

  3. Wow, an early romantic breakfast for two !
    Happy Birthday to your DH!
    Happy New Year!!
    Hope the seeds brings you lovely healthy plants and abundance of yields!