Thursday, December 19, 2013

UPDATED: FFwD ~ Recipe-swap onion "carbonara"

Last friday's onions were fried till golden 
this week is steamed - my first experience ever
the steamed onions are supposed to be substitute for pasta
ie eaten as is
but what happened was that this was perfect
over your choice of pasta - perfect for a meal
but I scaled down the recipe to a snack size for 1 pax!
used two small red onions,
york of one tiny organic egg
mix of milk and cream
broke up the bacon by hand instead of cutting
cheddar instead of parmesan - hence the flavor is stronger
poured over two slices of toasted multigrain bread
~ plain, without any mayo, mustard or hot sauce ~
but topped with slices of plumb red tomatoes!

total of 5 medium sized red onions
 with pasta and sauted veg and pan seared salmon
olive oil ice cream with toasted almond slices
makes DH's saturday dinner complete!
check out the rest of group's results at:
recipe from page 153 of

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  1. This method of cooking the onions was new for me as well. I was mighty skeptical that it would work. But I should have learned by now to have more faith in Dorie because it was delicious. Your creative take looks quite tasty as well.

  2. I like how you turned this one into "stuff on toast". I had never steamed an onion before this, but I will definitely steam them again.

    Looks good!

  3. Great idea to use it over toast. Looks delicious. We loved this and I am
    definitely going to try this on top of pasta.

  4. What a grand idea!!! A scrumptious open face sandwich!

  5. Ooh, on toast. Delicious idea.

  6. I agree that your idea to serve this over toast was fabulous. It looks amazing. Great job with the carbonara as well as knocking out the olive oil ice cream ! Happiest of holidays to you and yours ~

  7. I like the idea of saucing the bread with this. Sorta like biscuits and gravy.

  8. Stuff on toast! Trevor would approve. Looks great, Emily!

  9. I like both your versions - delicious! And I see you caught up on the olive oil ice cream, too. I've yet to do that, but it's in my plans soon, now.

  10. I made the pasta option, but over bread looks great too. I like the idea of using red onions. I find them less harsh.

  11. Your dishes look terrific! I think the cheddar sounds like it would be good too! And the ice cream - yum!