Wednesday, July 31, 2013


The 1st ever baking group I joined was 
(and I had not baked for over a decade back then)

I started with TCS group on the third cake book
which was by Lauren Chattman 2010/2011!

The Cake Book by Tish Boyle 2011/2012

Cake Keeper Cakes by Lauren Chattman 2010/2011
But these two books before my time look FABULOUS!
Southern Cakes by Nancy McDermott 2009/2010

Sky High by Alisa Huntsman, Peter Wynne, Tina Rupp 2008/2009
For this occasion I choose to make August 2013 runner up recipe
which lost the race by ONE (1) vote!
May I present you (in cupcake form)
 Our New Book:

~  Blitz (cupcakes)Torte ~

Below: you want to know why I only 
assembled one cupcake?
Cos its 1.30am and I get to eat it! 
and I ate one when it was cool enough
first out of the oven!
Below: spreading the love ~ Blitz Torte in cupcake form !
This is GOOD, I shall make this in original size recommended next time!

I also baked my favorite from 
Cake Keeper Cakes by Lauren Chattman 2010/2011


Do visit TCS at FB for announcements
on our next intake of new members for the new session!


  1. Hi Emily,
    Congratulations to TCS! 5 years baking as a group is an accomplishment indeed!
    Your cupcake looks good! Midnight/early morning snack? Reminds me of Nigella!! Hahaha!
    Which book are you starting with next? :)

  2. Happy 5th Anniversary Emily. Your cupcake looks adorable and I can see you are a late night baker like me. I have really enjoyed baking along with you and reading your posts.

  3. Ha Ha! Done that plenty of times! Its past midnight and I"m the only one up to get the first sample! Love it!

  4. Emily, 1.30am!! Hehehe what a delight ;P Your cupcake looks so delish and definitely not sinful for the wee hours :) Happy 5!!

  5. I love it that you made a summary of our history with pictures of the books! I love that you still made the Blite Torte and turned it into cupcakes! But I mostly love your personality and your friendly attitude towards us all! You are definitely an essential part in our group! Happy 5 to you!

  6. Eating cake at 1:30am- you're my kind of lady! haha!

    I've never heard of Blite Torte but it looks awesome.

    Happy baking with you!

    Happy Anniversary!

  7. See what I mean gorgeous cakes and 5 years of baking in a group - you're a star in my eyes!