Wednesday, June 19, 2013

THB #20: Cranberry-Pecan-Orange Coffee Cake

baked our 20th cake from 
Lou Seibert Pappas'
Coffee Cakes ~ simple, sweet and savory
THB's First Book
Cranberry Pecan Orange Coffee Cake
in cupcake form!
my variation:
freshly squeezed juice from one orange instead of frozen,
mixture of frozen and dried cranberries,
walnut in place of pecans (I tot I had them),
minus the topping 
(cos I made it earlier and left it chilling in the fridge
and promptly forgot about it!)
Both DH and I are enjoying this bake,
great for breakfast and snacking!
Please visit this cake's hostess: Maria of 'Box of Stolensocks'
for the recipe


  1. your cupcakes look yummy, definitely good for tea and even breakfast!

  2. mmmm....looks good, I just might bake these for my son's cantin day:D cupcakes are easier, don't have to cut!

  3. I love that you baked it as cupcakes!

  4. I love the cupcake idea!!! I mean I love cupcakes anyway!! I also used fresh orange juice I couldn't find concentrate where I live and I don't like it anyway and I think the orange zest was a great addition to the flavour!

  5. Now that's a cupcake I would not feel guilty about eating for breakfast! : )

  6. Hi Emily,
    Great idea for making cupcakes! Forgot the streusel? Haha! So what did you do with the one in the fridge?
    This cake is very nice, we enjoyed it too!

  7. Hi Emily,

    We love this cake very much and reckon that the cupcake versions will be great too!


  8. Cupcakes are a good idea. I like being able to grab one on the go..

  9. hi emily, i havent baked this am taking a look at yours..hopefully can make this soon!