Monday, June 24, 2013

TCS: June's Black and White Cake ~ Vintage Cakes

The Cake Slice bakers @ FB baked our June's Cake
(do give us a visit and remember to click 'Like')
Black & White Cake with Ganache and SB frosting.
I am late but
better late than not baked!
from the full recipe
I had six doughnuts (in this order)
one medium oval cake
a dozen cupcakes
While the cake part of the Black n White was great
the buttercream and ganache were not happening
for me... see below - buttercream was soupy
and ganache never thicken  ;(
but these doughnuts were delish
(trust me - I ate them between 2.30am to 9am!)
I love the size and crumb texture of the doughnut cakes
better than the cupcake forms...
for the recipe for the Black n White cake
by Julie Richardson in her cake book
titled: Vintage Cakes
please visit Grace's blog HERE!
as the SB was not working out for me (2nd time also flop) I went
for a non-egg white butter cream from
 I made half the recipe and added cocoa powder to
a third of the buttercream thus still getting
a two tone effect
I LOVE THE CHOCOLATE CAKE part of this month's bake
but will not be using the buttercream recipe anytime again... ;(
Above: see I am practising! Needs lots of practise!


  1. Hi Emily,
    Your chocolate cake looks great! Soupy buttercream and unthicken ganache.. you could always use the ganache to drizzle over ice cream! soupy idea! :)

  2. The end result look so good! Your cake & cupcakes are perfectly frosted looks yummy. Did U make Swiss meringue cream? This cream is a bit tricky !

  3. Hi just found you lovely blog, I bet your cake tasted great.

  4. It looks great! I loved all the stuff you made with the batter! And what I love the most is that you always have the best attitude and always support our group with every challenge! Thanks for everything Emily!

  5. Your attempts at this months recipe looks great Emily.

  6. Wow you baked so many cakes, you are a super woman!

  7. I love how creative you always are with types and sizes of cakes. Who would have dreamed doughnuts?!?

  8. I wonder who are the lucky recipients of these lovely cakes! the donut idea is very good!

  9. Emily, I love your cakes and if I live in a household like that, I'll be a happy gal always! As they say, Eat Cake and be Happy :)

    Actually, when your buttercream starts to get soupy, you still need to beat it more and wait for it to get stiffer. I had that the 1st 2 times I used this buttercream recipe but continued to beat it till it finally gets stiff. If you are still willing to try, that is ;)

    Anyhow, despite the challenge, you still completed it :) Kudos!

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  11. Ok Emily pass one of those doughnuts over!!! Love the idea of making doughnuts with this batter.


  12. Emily you are a genius... not one to be beaten for sure! I love all the bits you made with the batter :D Perfect, Hazel x

  13. Emily, everything looks amazing! Yumm!!! :)

  14. Is that a little donut I spy on top of a cupcake? That may be the start of a new trend. They all look so delicious.