Sunday, March 6, 2011

Take #3 ~ Footless, no more!

DD #2 working on her first batch of batter!
 Nope, still footless from 1st tray...
 I moved the baking rack to middle postion and da-taaaa!
 Feet, domes and cracks! 
 Trick is hot oven when going in; the 'feet' will happen fairly quickly! then open oven door to lower the temperature quickly to complete baking! More sugar or maybe not! 


  1. Finished eating all of them yet? Housemate said sedap!

  2. wah u into macs huh!! wish i can offer more advice. did u leave the piped circles to sit out for about 30min before baking?

  3. btw Chan Tung offering mac classes if u interested.

  4. Diyana,

    baking them again this weekend?

  5. Javapot!

    30mins pun ada, satu jam pun ada! glossy skin! but feet not guaranteed.

    it seems that David's recipe is the best!

    160C oven heat is the best! sure got feet one... when feet appears, open your oven door to reduce temp to 100C then close to continue with baking..

  6. Javapot:

    See Keropokman's posting on macarons

  7. OMG!! i will give it go soooooon! tak sabarnya!!

  8. Parchment paper instead of silpat pun jadi..

    remember 160C heat


    one tupperware full for me.... LOL~

  9. okay ma'am. consider it done! kalau jadilah...kalau tak jadi....*nangissss* haha!

  10. Good on you for trying! Don't give up, I had loads of failures before I worked it all out. The 2 main reasons for failure is under or over mixing your macaron batter and not knowing your oven. You can get everything right only to be let down when you cook them. If you need any more advice let me know:)

  11. p.s. btw, looking at the photos the batter may be over mixed slightly and the oven is too hot. When you pipe your macarons any peaks should settle in around 30 seconds. Try lowering the temperature next time and see how you go. Good luck.

  12. Oh WOW!

    A visit from LadyMacaron20Ten!!!!

    After a week or so of macs, I am waiting for my sugar level to come down .... before the next on slaught!

    I just discovered your blog and it WILL be my inspiration to succeed!