Thursday, May 8, 2008

Recent Home Cooked Meals

From a handful of soya beans ~ thick, creamy and yummy soya drink, can get more than enough for two persons' consumption for two days!

Marinated Kurau fish fillets (in soya sauce, pepper, sesame oil and corn flour):

Diced long beans with slices of young ginger:

Ta Da! Fish fillet in brown rice porridge served with crunchy preserved vegetables:

Here is another version of the Kai Choy Farn but with diced long beans and minced pork:

Diced long beans, garlic, shallots fried with dark soy sauce (at DH's request for something darker!):

Minced belly pork marinated with pepper, soya sauce, cornflour and sesame oil; fried in kuali as a large pancake, flip over, break up into small pieces with frying ladle. Add washed rice and toss until fragnant. Remove to rice cooker. Add the fried long beans mixture, water and cook.
I was famished and did not remember to take a picture of the dish before eating!

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