Saturday, March 30, 2019

CTBF~MPK: Pork and Chard sausage

We don't have Swiss chard easily available in my neck of the woods,  so I used the young leaves of Hongkong Kailan. I thinly sliced, then further cut into small bits by hand, did not cook them, same goes for the similary prepped flat parsley, and curly parsley.  I minced the garlic and onions. 

I prepped and cooked the chicken liver (one number only) as per instructions, but finely diced it when cool enough.  Then added the cooked meat to it,  seasoning, the greens and the whole egg, mixed well. 
From hereafter, I steered off course.   I wrapped the mixture in caul fat instead of bacon, just because I know I can source it,  and it came free too! The lady must be wondering how I fared with this item.  Gave me instructions to soak it in salted water, and keep refrigerated until I use it, and I even frozen the balance! I explained to her that I want the white stuff (ie caul fat)  to make this
I am rather happy with the above results,  not too shabby for a first time! 
Well,  I did adjusted the ratio of green stuff (a fair bit) hence these don't turned out greenish as compared with the results from other CtBF members.  Karen was probably right in saying these should be roasted on a rack, cos the caul fat was cooked but not melted, and there was some liquid beneath the otherwise nicely roasted tops. 
And here is my long overdue celery root puree dish which was rather good!
Paired with stuffed squid.
are cooking from
Recipe from pgs 185-186
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for putting everything into order and making it happen!
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  1. I love that you used caul fat. I think it's actually pretty widely available, just not advertised - you have to ask for it!

  2. Cool! I wouldn't know where to source caul fat. Your caillettes look gorgeous!

  3. These sausages do look much better using caul fat, as intended. Knowing what I know now, baking on a rack makes a lot of sense. Good idea all around!