Saturday, March 9, 2019

CtBF~ED: Potato Tourte

  • It has been a while I baked anything pastry, whether sweet or savory, so I was not sure how these pies will turn out. I made only two mini pies in these 'when I am lost at what container shall I use' - they never fail me, every thing I baked in them will come out perfect, no sticking. 

Below: at dinner time three hours later.
Paired with my first taste of kohlrabi I found this morning at the wet market (happy dance, cos it is zero waste instead of imported, and cling wrapped at specialty outlets!).
(verdict: it actually tasted better the next day after warming up in the toaster oven)
I used a sharp knife to tackle the potatoes, used spring onions and a local herb (zero waste effort on my part), lemon zest in strips then minced, then further minced with the garlic.
are cooking from
Dorie Greenspan's
Everyday Dorie, The Way I Coo
Recipe from page 220-223
A Big Thank You to KatieBetsy and Mary
for putting everything into order and making it happen!
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  1. They do look perfect Emily, and the minis were a good idea. I made one large one and put most in the freezer. Hopefully it will heat up well.

  2. Minis are perfect for serving! The tourte are delicious! Yums!

  3. A flower shape in the middle of the top crust, how wonderful! I would do some mini or individual tourtes. Everyone would get one to enjoy! ~ Shirley

  4. Seriously adorable ! And while I won't fib and say I didn't enjoy that big hunk of decadent potato pie this ended up was not good for the waist lol to have so much around with out more company helping to enjoy it. Definitely going on the short list for company impressive dishes.

  5. Mini-fying is always a good idea! Your mini version looks great

  6. This recipe is so beautiful, maybe I have to buy some books of Doris!!

  7. Great information in this article. Thanks for sharing.