Saturday, April 7, 2018

CC#28: chicken in lemon herb sauce

Chicken in lemon and parsley (coriander) sauce
Recipe from pg 42-43 of
Pronto! Let's cook Italian in 20 minutes by Gino D'Acampo
And since the challenge at Cookbook Countdown for this month is a one pot dish, I made my own version of Hainanese chicken rice.

I bought half a kampong chicken (got the seller to separate the whole leg, breast meat and the wing).  I trimmed the fat from the varous pieces for frying the sliced garlic, shallot and ginger to start the broth.  I also put the wing and whole leg in to brown the skin abit too.  Removed the leg but left the wing in the thermal pot, added enough water for making soup and for cooking the rice, and a veg stock cube.  Added sliced carrots and radish and leave to boil, and then simmer for half hour or til root vegetables are tender.

Remove soup from the thermal pot, heat up the pot again, add butter, then some fresh ginger slices saute till fragrant, add the basmati rice. Stir fry to ensure the grains are well coated with butter.  Add enough broth to cover the rice, add salt and pepper, stir.  Place the chicken leg on the rice (the broth should almost cover the meat).  Bring up the heat to boiling, let it boil for a couple of minutes, remove from heat and place the pot into the insulation pot. In two hours (or less) dinner is served.
Emily's version of Hainanese Chicken Rice!
I am sharing this recipe at Cookbook Countdown #28
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The chicken with the lemon herb sauce looks delicious! Chicken rice is our favourite! Looks good!