Thursday, August 31, 2017

Cookbook Countdown #21 ~ Picadillo (Minced ground beef creole)

First recipe from Estefan Kitchen, authentic cuban recipes from the world-reknowed restaurants of Emilio Estefan and Gloria Esterfan!  What this book lacks is a glossory for the ingredients used, thank goodness for Ms Google!
 Emilio explains that variations of this dish are found across Latin America and one of the key differences between Cuban-style is the usage of pimento-stuffed Spanish olives in his recipe!  It also called for raisins and capers, in addition to pimento-stuffed olives.  I skipped the raisins (cos hubby dislikes them) but went with the capers!
 This dish is traditionally served over rice, but the only thing I have in the pantry with the word 'rice' was my packet of Vietnamese 'rice noodles' - so that is what I paired it with!  More fusion! 
 And by addition of a fried egg, the dish became 'picadillo a caballo' or 'picadillo on horseback' - interesting, yes?
Picadillo (minced ground beef creole) ~ recipes starting from page 86, till page 89 of:
Estefan Kitchen!
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