Thursday, May 18, 2017

Cookbook Countdown #17: Pressed chicken terrine with horseradish cream and radishes

My first ever solid meat terrine.  A whole lot of learning experience and burn marks (on my skin!). Cannot find an affordable proper terrine pot hence made do with LOCK & LOCK oven glass of 840ml and 500ml capacity (840ml was too big for the two pieces of  whole boneless chicken legs I used); hence I had to go and get the smaller size of 500ml.  Three whole boneless drumstick will fit very nicely in the 840ml - note to self!  Cos there will be a next time! 
This time I made do with store bought horseradish cream to go with the chicken, the original recipe calls for English cream dressing (can't wait to try making that!).  Did not see cherry radishes at the first place I shopped at, hence bought the only red radish they had - which was the size of a huge lemon!  And ta da at the second place I went, cherry red radishes!
 A delightful starter I must say:  a slice of pressed chicken terrine with horseradish cream with pickled and raw radishes, and toasted baguette slices.  A repeat recipe for sure!
Since I have never made a whole meat terrine before, I went with half recipe (to be on the safe side!).
The ingredients were very very simple indeed ~ boneless chicken leg ie thighs and drumsticks, skin on; spices, herbs and seasonings.  Chopped tarragon, garlic, lemon zest, freshly ground cumin seeds, grated nutmeg, black pepper and salt.

Pressed chicken terrine with English cream dressing and French breakfast radishes, recipe from pages 92-92 of CUMULUS INC. by Andrew McConnell of Australia!
Cumulus Inc by Andrew McConnell
I was lucky to be gifted this copy by ELM!
About the Chef, Andrew McConnell HERE!
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