Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Cake Slice Bakers (TCS) ~ First cake from our new book!

The Cake Slice is baking from a new book!
"World Class Cakes" by Roger Pizey, is our new season's baking book! 
To kick off our new cake book, we have the following recipes
to choose from for November 2016:
Bee Sting Cake, Danish Apple Cake, 
Maple Syrup and Pecan Layer Cake, and
Chocolate and Rum Canneles

and I chose:
I baked the full recipe in two small round pans with two
variations ie one with raisins (which hubby dislike)
and the other with chopped glazed ginger! (for hubby)
I just needed to divide the cake batter into two
and added the chopped glazed ginger into one.
I did reduce the sugar from 1 cup to 2/3 cup
The cakes baked up beautifully and the aroma was great
even without any vanilla added!
you may spy what my other (1st choice) cake was
in one of the above pictures... (don't know what went wrong)
but the Danish Apple Cake made up for it!
My slice of the cake with raisins for breakfast this morning!
Of course this was in addition to my plate of fruits!


OvenDelights said...

Glad this cake turned out well, was it the chocolate canelles that you tried???

kitchen flavours said...

Very nice! I like your addition of glazed ginger, sounds good! Canneles! :)

Jolena TheRubyKitchen said...

I love the twist you made on this! I am sorry your canneles did not turn out for you. I made mine in mini bundt pans and had lovely results.

Carlee said...

The candied ginger would be a perfect addition for an apple cake. What a brilliant idea!

Phillip Oliver said...

Wasn't this good? I plan to make it again and increase the baking time next time. Mine did not get completely done in the center.

Kathleen said...

I love that you made a cake just for your hubby. So nice of you. Glad that you like the cake too.

Hazel said...

added ginger.. always a winner in my house!! I love ginger and this would have been the best accompaniment to this bake.. Clever Emily :D xxx

Laura@ Baking in Pyjamas said...

These look like lovely, deep cakes. I can imagine they'd go nicely with ice cream.