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Cookbook Countdown #3 ~ Valerie Bertinelli's Egg White Breakfast Burrito

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I am cooking and baking from
Valerie Bertinelli's
Egg White Breakfast (or anytime) Burrito ~ pg 11
with Dominic's Salsa ~ pg 32
While I warmed a tortilla in a pan (under very low heat),
sprinkled grated cheddar cheese over the warm and toasty tortilla,
I also pan fry a couple slices of bacon (any type you like)
~ must be in a non-stick pan, must!~
until crispy (which I like) or as you like them
remove them, and pat them on kitchen paper if they are greasy,
and place them on top of the melting cheese.
Next, whisked together two egg whites
and add them to the pan I fried the bacon in.
When the egg whites starts to solidify,
I ran an off-set spatula under the edges of the egg whites
to loosen the omelette to flip over to cook the other side.
When cooked, I folded the two sides of the omelette
into the center, lift from pan and place on top of the bacon
top with hot sauce, followed by as much Dominic's Salsa
as you like!  Fold the two sides of the filled tortilla
to meet in the centre (as any style you like)
e.g. a folded tortilla package for eating on the go
but since I ate this for a light and late dinner
I had it as a roll with extra salsa on the side!
My first ever egg whites only omelette!
wished I made two of this!
Dominic's Salsa was super easy to put together ~ into a bowl,
add halved or diced any tomatoes you have on hand,
add chopped scallions, chopped red cilies, minced garlic;
juice of one lime, I used a splash of sherry vinegar,
salt and white pepper.
stir and mix well, leave to chill for an hour before use
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  1. Hi Emily,
    This would make a nice lunch too! Simple and yummy!