Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cottage Cooking Club ~ March 2016

Much thanks and appreciation to 
for organizing this cook-along-with-Hugh!
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Presenting March line up in order of what I ate!
From Bready Things:
The Vegiflette Toastie - page 206
This was delish, a repeat recipe for sure,
good for using up leftover cooked potatoes and vegs.
I love stuff on toasts!
From Comfort Food and Feasts:
North African Squash and Chickpea Stew ~ pg 30
A tummy warming soup/stew.
 from Bready things:
Refried beans foldover ~ pg 190-191
lemony guacamole ~ pg 296
on mission wrap
Excellent and portable snack or light meal... :)
From the chapter of Pasta and Rice:
I just love the purple carrots I used together with the orange ones
gosh this is a lot of  food!
Hard boiled eggs for garnish.
Vegetable biryani - pages 274-275
Dhal ~ pages 238-239
I managed to find red lentils but the resulting
Dhal was not red, oh well.
My first time cooking dhal, easy peachy!
All in all, wonderful, lovely biryani!
Another great month with Hugh!
Do click on the picture below to visit what the other members had made:


Teresa said...

Everything you made looks beautiful - I especially love the brightness of your purple and orange carrots, too!

Andrea_TheKitchenLioness said...

Dear Emily, you certainly prepared a lot of delicious looking and sounding food - great recipe choices and I do hope that you and your husband enjoyed them all! Just one little side note on those red lentils, they are always red before you cook them but always loose their red color and turn a light orange or deep yellow once cooked - nothing to worry about - your dhal looks perfect!
Thank you for a wonderful post!
And "see" you very soon,

Anne@ASaladForAllSeasons said...

Wow, Emily! You ate well this month! Everything looks fabulous! I wish I had made that toastie, it looks awesome! And I also want to try the North African Stew. Oh how I wish I were your neighbor and I could come over and sample a little bit of everything! : )

Mary Hirsch said...

Ms. Emily, I just had to stop by to see what you were up to this month. Nice job, my dear. You and Betsy have both convinced me that I need to try the The Vegiflette Toastie. It looks gooey and I love stuff on toast also. I couldn't find red lentils so will wait until I get back to Colorado and my Whole Foods. I have never made or even eaten Dahl. The stew and the foldover look delicious. I've made a different version of his foldover and liked it. Lovely job, as usual by my friend who lives on the other side of the world.

Cheri Savory Spoon said...

Hi Emily, wow! your sure were busy this month, love all the recipes you prepared. I loved the toastie too and will be preparing it many different ways. Can't believe we only have one month left. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Your dishes all look so inviting!! I think I must have made the ones you didn't (!), so I love seeing how yours turned out! Beautiful!!

Zosia said...

Everything looks delicious Emily. I love the vegiflette toastie as well...Hugh is such a master of stuff on toast. And the dish with the purple and orange carrots is just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Emily, you always manage to make so many of the CCC recipes. I'm so impressed. You had a colorful month. I particularly enjoyed the vegiflette. I also love stuff on toast. I find that when I cook red lentils, they always turn to a yellow color. Not sure why.