Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cookbook Countdown#3 ~ VB's Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta

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I am cooking and baking from
Valerie Bertinelli's
Brussels sprouts with Pancetta (streaky bacon) - pg 176-177
Pan fry streaky bacon in olive pan till golden in spots
add sliced garlic till fragrant,
add par-boiled sprouts (in single layer)
turning over every now and then till golden in spots
season with salt and pepper,
cook till sprouts are fork tender.
add a splash of cider vinegar if sprouts are sticking to pan
to loosen brown bits.
Remove to serving plate, add a splash of vinegar if desired.
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kitchen flavours said...

Oh yum! I almost bought a pack of brussels sprouts last week when I bought the artichoke! Sounds delish with the tapenade and red wine! Yum!