Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cottage Cooking Club (CCC) ~ January 2016 !

Much thanks and appreciation to 
for organizing this cook-along-with-Hugh!
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I had to skip these:
From the chapter of Comfort Food & Feasts:
1. Winter kale and potato curry page 24) AND 2. Squash stuffed with leeks (page 40)
From the chapter of Hefty Soups:
3. Curried red lentil soup (page 166) AND 6. Chickpeas with cumin and spinach (page 246)
From the chapter of Roast, Grill & Barbecue:
8. Seared chicory with blue cheese (page 343)
From the chapter of Sweet Asides:
10. Tourte de blette (page 398)
But these we enjoyed!
From the chapter of Bready Things:
Squash and walnut toastie (page 204)
From the chapter of Side Dishes:
Swede with onion and sage (page 382)

you can tell that I love stuff on toasts!
From the chapter of Store-Cupboard Suppers:
Moroccan spiced couscous (page 231)
I used bulghur wheat instead of couscous and cashew nuts for garnish
From the chapter of Mezze & Tapas:
Flat onion bhajis (page 318) and Cauliflowers too!
The cauliflower bhajis aka fritters were amazing, enjoyed the sliced onion ones too.
Did make two fritters with spring onions since I have them on the chopping board.
Hubby and I both had a plate each of this as dinner
cos we both had our lunches very late in the day!
Served the fritters with the yogurt dressing and with some salsa verde I had in fridge
Another great month with Hugh!
Do click on the picture below to visit what the other members had made:


Cheri Savory Spoon said...

Hi Emily, looks like another great month. Your cauliflower fritters look amazing and perfectly cooked, will have to make those myself. Also the substitutions you made with your couscous, brilliant!

Mary Hirsch said...

I didn't get to the toasties or the bhajis but did make the Moroccan-spiced Couscous and really enjoyed it. The Chickpeas with cumin and spinach is very, very good, Emily, so try it when you have a chance. You are very innovative about using what you have on hand and fitting it into Hugh's recipes. It's impressive. Nice job with the 4 recipes you made this month.

Teresa said...

So many great dishes for you this month! I was hoping to get to the couscous (substituting quinoa), but that will have to wait for another time. I'm so impressed with your bhajis, especially - they look perfect!

KB from Prof Who Cooks said...

Oh, everything looks great, Emily! I forgot about the pakora/bhaji recipe--we had pakora for the first time as street food in rural northern India and...YUM. Think I'll have to circle back around to that one. I also love all the stuff on toast!

Peggy Gilbey McMackin said...

Nice month of delicious choices from your kitchen Emily,this month I made the onion bhajis and enjoyed them too. Love your great energy!

Andrea_TheKitchenLioness said...

Dear Emily, amazing array of fabulous dishes - I am glad that you enjoyed those four, as I just happen to know how delicious they were. The most fun dish to prepare this month (in my humble opinion) was the Flat onion bhajis - had to look those up first, as I had never heard of them or seen them before!
Thank you for your continued enthusiastic participation!
"See" you very soon,

Zosia said...

You had a busy month Emily and everything looks delicious. Hugh's made me a big fan of toasties too - I love that you made one with the rutabaga.

PS I'll be joining you and Joyce for cookbook countdown in February (such a great idea!)

Betsy said...

Nice job! You always makes so many of the recipes, Emily! I'm hoping to try the squash toasties for lunch one day soon.

Jora said...

It's really hard to beat stuff on toast, isn't it? And anything fried! Good choices.

Anonymous said...

I am quite taken with all of your dishes! January was a transition month for me, so I didn't get too much done, but always love Hugh's toasties!! Everything looks delicious!