Saturday, April 11, 2015

FFwD ~ Salmon tartare and more

After making a totally different raw salmon dish
here is this week's salmon tartare
which is a salad with vibrant colors
served layered on a plate or in glasses
(the word 'layered' had me checking the recipe and
a face-palm moment')
no lemon in this recipe but lime zest, juice, and flesh!
and this was the other salmon, smoked that is
salmon tartine norvegienne
on toasted bread, topped with capers
with a big squeeze of lemon
paired with crunchy ginger-pickled cucumbers
(like this better than the salad!)
I have been craving for soup lately
paris mushroom soup
the raw mushrooms garnishes were okay after
letting them 'cook' a bit in the hot soup
salmon tartare - pgs 180-181
paris mushroom soup - pg 72-73
crunchy ginger-pickled cucumbers - pg 340
salmon tartine norvegienne - pg 43
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  1. I love the prawns in the glasses

  2. Everything is gorgeous. I especially like the salmon tartine, I love smoked salmon. Great job.

  3. everything looks great! the mushroom soup is still one of my favorites! :)

  4. Beautifully done, Emily! I really enjoyed the mushroom soup…glad you got to make it!

  5. It all looks good. I really liked the tartine too (and this week's salad).

  6. every one's tatrare's came out so pretty! I remember that tartine being really delicious as well.
    Have a lovely week!