Tuesday, March 10, 2015

From Rachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebook

Cooking and baking from
my collection of  Rachel Khoo's cookbooks:
Rachel Khoo's
The Little Paris Kitchen
My Little French Kitchen
RK's Kitchen Notebook

poached fennel with pink prawns 
and toasted almonds
pages 38 to 39 of RK's Kitchen Notebook
I love the poached fennels - most delightful
will certainly repeat this recipe
I butterflied the large prawns so they cook faster
the almonds provided the crunch
the fennels delightfully tender but not mushy
I had only used whole milk and cream without any vegetable broth
(cos I had none!) but still very flavourful
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  1. Hi Emily,
    You are making me wish that I had bought the book at BBW sales!
    Everything you made looks yummy!

  2. Joyce, Kitchen Notebook is Rachel Khoo's latest book, just released. Next time, just buy lah! :)