Thursday, August 28, 2014

FFwD ~ Chanterelles with napa and nuts

No chanterelles to be found from any of my usual suppliers
but found MAITAKE which came in a floret configuration
which is pretty awesome!
So here is my
Maitake with napa and hazelnuts
accompanied by
purple carrot pasta 
(my best camera is lost (courtesy of DH) somewhere in China....)
apologies for the poor picture quality
trying to remember how my first camera works..
some days are better
and on the previous night
I made prawns (instead of scallops)
with caramel orange sauce!
I like!
 I even made the candied orange zest!
the caramel orange sauce needs a wee bit of spicing up
brandy perhaps instead of white wine?
or a dash of tabasco?
and in collaboration with 
gnocchi a'la parisienne

abit pale huh
to be fair, I probably used the wrong cheese
so when using the frozen batch next... make sure
not to use mozzarella!
ps: tried to make cream puff with the gnocchi batter but with dismal results
Do check out the rest of group's results for this week's recipe at:
(click picture below)
Maitake instead of Chanterelles with napa and nuts - pg 346-347
Prawns instead of Scallops with caramel and orange sauce - pg 317-319
Gnocchi a'la prisienne - pg 374-375
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  1. You are so ambitious. I look forward to checking every week to see what you've come up with this time.Maitake, I assume, is a mushroom. (I will google after I comment). Purple carrot pasta? Oh, my. and, how did you team up with the California gals? Knowing Alice, she probably flew over for a day. And, Christy, probably was with her. Enjoyed your Post. I hope you recover your camera. Don't you hate it when that happens?

  2. What a delicious Dorie week! Maitakes are new to me, but I think this dish would be wonderful with any mushroom :)

  3. I am going to have to try Prawns instead of Scallops with caramel and orange sauce. Looks like a good week in the kitchen for you.

  4. Yum, despite the camera your dishes still look wonderful. I'm having so much fun journeying down memory lane as you catch up with these recipes. I loved the gnocchi, but it took me two tries to get it right. The first time my sauce just didn't work at all and the whole thing was a flop.

  5. Oh wow, you are having some great make up recipes!
    Purple carrot pasta! I am totally intrigued.

  6. What a wonderful make-up post. Everything looks so fantastic and brings back memories of some of the delicious recipes that we all
    made. Great job.

  7. Love the purple carrot pasta that you served with your mushrooms. The prawns was another great pick for a makeup dish - yours looks superb.

  8. Your mushrooms look delicious! Love the purple carrot pasta…wow! You’ve had a wonderful make-up week!

  9. I'm thinking this works with any kind of mushrooms. I haven't made the gnocchi yet. I need to try that one once the weather cools off, which I think will be soon!

  10. Those mushrooms look beautiful. And I'm so impressed with all the catch ups you've been doing, too! Your choices this week are all wonderful.

  11. Wow. Reading your posts is making me hungry. I remember liking those scallops with orange sauce. I might need to try it with prawns.