Sunday, December 29, 2013

TCSB ~ Streusel Squares (and cupcakes!)

December's Cake
but better late than never!
Streusel Squares in cupcakes
square pan

my first ever crumb cake (I think!)
below: hot out of the oven - yumms!
the streusel layer is just nice
the cake crumb is dense and tender

below: I found these lovely plates (small and smaller) so cute!
below: another super find 
note:  There were some complaints that the topping
was a bit bland hence I made a small change 
to the ingredients for it:
I used half flour and half almond meal (instead of 100% flour)
and I forgot to add my vanila but the cake still smell good
and tastes just fine without it
below: in order not to have leftover topping
I finished it all on the square cake
hence the streusel layer was quite thick
this is our 2nd recipe from
Carole Walter's
Great Cakes, over 250 recipes to Bake, Share and Enjoy!

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  1. Emily! Sorry it took me a while to stop by! Your cake looks soooo good! I want to go and make another one! :) ... Great finds with those plates too! Lovely!

  2. Very yummy looking indeed, Emily. Great idea to make cupcakes and use almond meals.

  3. Aww the crumb cake muffins are adorable! Glad you finally got this posted. Happy New Year!

  4. Emily I'm glad this recipe worked for you! Those squares look scrumptious!

  5. I can't wait to try this again and try your idea of using some almond meal in the topping. Also, the cupcakes are a great idea because they are so much more portable.

    1. Yes, the squares were crumbly right?!

  6. Emily I love seeing what changes you make to recipes. Things I would never even think of and you always make them work!!

  7. Those plates are so cute! And this cake looks good in cupcake form :)

  8. oh i ate one. was good. yummy yummy

  9. Crumb cake muffins?! They look fantastic!

  10. BTW, did you get your cookbook? You never said anything?

    1. Your book and the cast iron skillet arrived but the family is doing their 1st anniversary prayers for their late dad so I will collect the items (hey today!) soon! I got bananas in the freezer already!

  11. Love the idea of baking these up as muffins. Will have to give that a try next time...super fun and easy way to pack these little treats in school lunches!