Thursday, October 31, 2013

FFwD ~ Hurry-up-and-wait Roast Chicken

We at
are cooking and baking from

Dorie Greenspan's around my french table
this Friday's dish:
Hurry-Up-and-Wait Roast Chicken
pages 202 n 203
First time ever begin roasting a chicken resting on one side
total of three turns
 roasting time: 25 min each for both sides and 18mins for last turn
 I do love my porcelain dinner plate with roses
 Dorie said to serve it with any kind of vegetable
or even a light salad (of character) (?)
so my salad was a mixture of tomato slices, wilted baby spinach,
pineapple chunks and guava slices drizzled with vinegar dressing
ok I was hungry - accompanied by three slices of 
french village bread with pats of butter

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hey - I am posting a two-fer!
Chicken Breasts Diable served with bow-tie pasta
page 217 
 which the girls at FFwD did earlier on March 1, 2013
only thing was my DH asked that I sliced the chicken breast 
instead having it whole


  1. Both dinners look fab Emily. This week's looks particularly handsome.

  2. Yes this was tasty but a little fussy for me. And those chicken breasts diable? I loved that!!

  3. This was a tasty chicken…both of your dinners look very good! Nice job!

  4. Yes, both dinners look like winners!!! I like the idea of serving the chicken diable sliced with pasta...yum!

  5. Looks like a delicious meal.

  6. Hi Emily,
    Both dinners look fabulous!!
    Love it!!

  7. Emily, perfect presentation of both your fabulous chicken dinners - the Roast Chicken looks absolutely perfect and so do the Chicken Breasts Diable!
    Have a nice weekend!

  8. Great Two-Fer! Your roast chicken is perfectly golden, and the chicken diablo looks so appetizing - I need to do that one! Oh, your rose plates are quite delightful and so pretty :)

  9. Your dinners look delicious! I have to say that these chickens did look pretty good once they were cooked! And especially beautiful on your rose plate!

  10. I love your colorful and fruity salad! And the color on your chicken is fantastic. I made the diable chicken but still need to blog about it. Have a good Sunday!

  11. Great catch up ! We loved that chicken diable and I have made it again since that posting. Your roast chicken also looks yummy and I chuckled that your posted about the salad having "character"...Dorie had me laughing out loud when I read her suggestion for this.

  12. Good job on the chickens, Emily! I especially enjoyed the Diable. I've made that one again. Try Dorie's lazy person's chicken to compare with this one. It's my favorite

  13. How delicious! We loved both of these recipes.
    Great catchup!

  14. Thanks for the reminder about chicken diable. I need to make that one again! Your salad sounds so interesting. I'd say it definitely has character :-)

  15. The chicken diable was a great recipe. The hurry up and wait chicken was well worth the fuss, too. So tender and juicy.