Wednesday, August 21, 2013

TCS ~ Aug 2013 ~ Maple Pecan Chiffon Cake

We at 

baked our 2nd last cake from
Our New Book:
~ Vintage Cakes by Julie Richardson ~
I really do love this cake book and am sorry that our
baking from it ends with our final cake in October
I am looking forward to the new book and another year
of fabulous baking joy with my fellow TCS bakers!

~ Maple Pecan Chiffon Cake ~
at half the recipe

 Click HERE for the recipe!
note: since I baked mine in smaller pans:
the smaller two pans came out at 25 mins
and the large one came out at 30 mins
instead of 55 mins for a 10 inch pan
 and a quarter of the original recipe
~ Brown Butter Icing ~
in case you are wondering....
I sandwich the two small cakes with the same frosting
thus giving me an option of both a frosted cake and a plain one!
 that's what I call ~ having my cake and eating it too! ;)
All cut up and packed for distribution!
I had no mishap (this time ~ with no ingredient left behind)
with this cake and the frosting
(my DH likes this cake (ate it w/o the frosting!) and said to save 
some for his visit with the grandchild)
except perhaps I find the frosting a bit gritty and a tad too sweet...

I had a bonfire in my oven cos some oil had spill down from the
hob onto the metal tray just above the gas fire thingy
and I had to spend half an hour cleaning up before proceeding.
while making the brown butter - there were some
burnt bits at the bottom of the pot and most of them stuck!
so there was another half hour at washing up time spent scrubbing!


  1. Your cakes looking so yummy!

    Sorry about your mishaps.
    Thank goodness the fire didn't get out of control!


    1. Yup, I panicked only for 3 secs then quickly turned off the oven, disconnected the gas pipe and remove the gas cylinder!

      I do like this cake.

  2. Hi Emily, there's so much cake and the cake yummy!! How I wish I'm your neighbour!

  3. Same thing happened to me with the brown bits left behind from the butter... all stuck! Your cakes look beautiful! You did a great job! I am happy your hubby enjoyed the cake... that's SUCCESS! :)

  4. Hi Emily,
    Your cake bakes up tall and lovely! So soon that one year is up for this book! Well, time sure flies when one is having fun! Haha!

  5. Wow Emily your cakes look great! I love the little ones... I hated washing up after the icing too, my arm nearly fell off! Not nearly as bad a problem as your fire though! Oh my gosh, what a fright! Glad you are ok. Hazel x

  6. I prefer my cakes unadorned too, less calories:) These cakes of yours look very tall and fluffy! Love your mini moulds

  7. Oh looks like many of us had some issues with this cake. Mine was a bit dry, though my icing was good. I LOVE your mini pretty with the pecans on top! : )

  8. the cake sounds lovely..i probably go for the brown butter icing one since i hv not tasted one before.your cakes look great. luckily the fire was not serious, how scary!

  9. I love how tall and light your cake looks. Can you believe this is almost out last cake from the book? The time seems to have flown by.

  10. If you keep stirring the brown butter then those little bits shouldn't stick to the base of your pan. Great job with the cake.

  11. I just want access to all of your cute little pans!

  12. Cute cake Emily! My husband ate most of our cake too!