Sunday, August 18, 2013

Artisan Made Slow dried selected durum wheat Fusilli Ortolano

came across this at Giant's on LG floor of Amcorp Mall
on Sunday - shopping with DM and DD#2 
DH's dinner last night
 love love my HCP
for the sauce, saute together
diced: 1 onion, some ginger, 1 garlic in olive oil
diced chicken fillet, chopped fresh mushrooms
chopped tomato, tomato puree
salt and pepper
water from pasta water (which smell of cumin!)
sweet basil leaves
splash of cream
  below: need I say more?
 below: look what I found at my favorite stall at the flea market!!
Mrs Beeton - Puddings
by Isabella Beeton & Gerard Baker
with a foreword by none other than Dan Lepard
* did you know that Mrs Beeton did not die of old age, she was only 25 years old
when her book first came out in print and she died three years later ;(
oh my bad!


  1. Hi Emily,
    Delicious plate of pasta! No wonder the plate is clean!
    Mrs Beeton is very young, how sad that she died at such a young tender age! What a wonderful find this book is. I was browsing some of the books there about three weeks ago and could not find anything I like. Aiseh...!!!

    1. I paid only RM5.00 for the book from a stall at the Lower Ground floor flea market!! What a find! ;)))))

  2. Hi Emily, how exciting to find this book at RM5.00. And what a yummy plate of pasta!

  3. Hi Emily! The pasta looks super delicious!