Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pot Stickers ~ Yay finally!

I used meat from one deboned whole chicken thigh
and ten shelled deveined prawns ~ zapped in the chopper to combine,
Diced: radish, carrot, mushroom, cilantro, ginger, garlic and small onion
Seasoning:  fish sauce, olive oil, black vinegar, white pepper
Well Really Whatever You Have At Hand!
Skin: 2 cups all purpose flour 
1/2 cup warm water
the best looking of the lot!
I am sure I can do better with more practice!
of course I used my HappyCallPan!
Whats Next LadyMacaron20ten?


  1. hi emily, your pot stickers look great! the last time i made them, they looked so ugly and out of shape..i definately need more practice!!

  2. Hi Emily!
    Yay indeed! Your pot stickers looks delish, yum, yum!
    I have not tried making them before!
    I day...!!! :)

  3. Emily - your pot stickers are absolutely amazing - you rock girl!

    I love how you've used chicken and prawns and ingredients that most of us would have on hand:)

    I've been very naughty as not only have I not put my dumpling dough recipe up on my blog I've not yet managed to make another batch:( Now the pressure is really on. Back at work tomoz so I'll have to make something next weekend. Mmmm, maybe I'll have to concoct a dumpling dessert to go with your pot stickers. BTW, those little dumpling pleats look perfect!

  4. You did everything from scratch, even the skin! I did it once too and then got lazy so now buy the skin from the market lol! I guess homemade is still the best though! Looks delicious!

  5. Hi Jeannie,
    The wrappers were abit tough becos too thick! Gonna keep practising!

  6. LM2010!

    I have a dumpling dessert in mind already! Something I had been wanting to make for the longest time!

    Clue: banana leave, red or green color, mung beans... and steaming!

  7. ooooh, can't wait for your dessert it sounds delish!