Friday, March 29, 2013


The Home Bakers
baked another cake from 
Lou Seibert Pappas'
THB's First Book
Coffee Cakes ~ simple, sweet and savory

I baked the full recipe in these mini fluted round pans
I got from my 1st ever visit to BakeWithYen
as well as 12 cupcakes!
Above n Below: one of the smaller round cakes
plain and dressed!  Cream cheese frosting and strawberries!
Get the recipe for this cake from its Hostess ~ The Charmed Cupcake HERE!
I reduced the sugar to just less than 1 cup for the cake batter,
used rosemary for the polenta and thyme for the syrup,
I also did not minced the rosemary and strained the leaves from the milk
before adding to the polenta (I used fine cornmeal)
yup I polished off this little beauty at 1.45am this morning!
Below: DH's breakfast ~ cupcake topped with lemon frosting
Below: these critters attacking my lemon plant ;(
Below: Look what I found at Bake With Yen!!
(not the goat milk - those shell moulds!)
these shell moulds are larger than those of in the Daiso pan


  1. Hi Emily,
    You and Grace should get together for a midnight baking session! Hahaha! Both of you so rajin!
    You used thyme as well! Must be extra fragrant!
    I was at BWY stocking up on bread flour and such, saw the madeleine moulds too! However did not notice the Goat's milk, maybe I did not browse in that section! Which is a good thing actually, I even managed to steer away from the baking pans section! But I guess it would not be for long! hahaha!

  2. Emily, didn't realise u baked this past midnight too. Hehehe the calm of the night does it for you too? :) Your cake looks so awesome with the cream and berries. Glad we all love this cake :)

  3. i still hvnt baked mine yet...i was reading some comments in the THB section much earlier and thought you were going to use dried lavenders too..i think i may stick to rosemary..

  4. Joyce,
    Goat milk from Caring pharmacy. Dont ever go near the baking pan section! Unless you are meeting up with me! Hahaha

    Yup, we all love this cake. Night baking is the only way to go for me!

    Could not find lavender any where!! Rosemary was good and Thyme too!

  5. Hi Emily,

    What a great combination of Rosemary and thyme, now why didn't I think of that ;)
    I love your mini fluted pans too and the little cupcake you made for your hubby - very cute.

    Glad you enjoyed this cake, it was a lovely cake - think I might have to bake it again soon and seems like midnight baking is the new trend ;)


  6. LOvely cake especially the one in mini fluted round pans! I've baked mine a couple weeks ago but still no time to post yet! I Running everywhere like a headless chicken everyday! LOl