Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Aspiring Bakers #24 ~ Soya Beancurd Jelly/Pudding

Inspired by HER!

Above: Date Sugar instead of normal sugar
Below:  Organic Soy Milk Powder, works just as good as liquid for this recipe!
I used organic unsweetened soybean powder at 2 tbsp to 250ml of water - total 1 litre
1 tbsp agar agar powder
Date sugar to taste

Into 750ml warm water, add 6 tbsps soybean powder, mix well, put it to heat up;
In another 250ml warm water, add 2 tbsps soybean powder, mix, add 1 tbsp agar2 powder;
Once the 750ml warm water starts to show tiny bubbles at the side of the pan, turn off the heat;
Add the 250m mixture, stir well;
Pour into serving vessels, cool to room temperature before refrigerating for 4 hrs or overnight.
Top with garnish of your choice (I had pomegranate) and a drizzle of honey to taste.

I am submitting this pudding to
Small Small Baker/Aspiring Bakers
~ Jellies and Puddings for Oct 2012!


MiMi Bakery House said...

This is a intersting combination Emily. The Soya Beancurd looks great!

Jessie-CookingMoments said...

Mamamia! Oh, I love jelly & pudding so much that after seeing your "tau fu fa," i also feel like making, hahaha, just joking, after my next dessert, I'll try to stop eating dessert for a while! Anyway, love the whole idea behind this dessert! And pomegranate is very expensive in Australia & I actually can't see them in the fruit market lately. Each of them is selling for $5(RM15)!

Kit @ i-lostinausten said...

Great combo & looks yummy! How come I've never think of that. The gula Kurma is intriguing me now! LOl

Jasline (Food Is My Life) said...

Mmm your pudding looks delicious and classy Emily! I love making soyabean pudding at home too because it's really quick and easy!

Zoe said...


This must be your "beauty" food. This jelly looks very nice and cooling for our inner health and skin.


Yummy Bakes said...

With pomegranate added, looks even more delicious. Thanks for trying.

Cathleen said...

Oh yum, this looks great! I have sadly never made pudding, I really must try it out sometime!

kitchen flavours said...

Looks so yummy! Cold and so inviting!

Jeannie Tay said...

That looks refreshing and delicious! I love how you dress up a plain beancurd:)