Thursday, May 17, 2012

THB #3 ~ Blueberry Streusel Coffee Cake

Welcome to The Home Bakers

We at The Home Bakers (THB) are baking our 3rd cake from

Coffee Cakes: Simple, Sweet and Savory
Coffee cakes by Lou Seibert Pappas

 For the walnut streusel topping, I put all the ingredients into my mini food processor and pulsed
 and put it in the fridge while I make the cake
 folded the fresh blueberries into the mixture
 into the oven they went.....  something not right with the view... what?
(I took the 2 smaller pans out at 25min mark, the larger pan came out at 38min)
 aiseh, forgot to put the topping on.... anyways sprinkled some on the largest cake (after the 15mins mark!) and hope for the best
 above: volcanoes!
 nevertheless, quite happy with the end result
 first slice after cooling down somewhat... at 2am
 btw, I used half the sugar amount for the cake... tasted fine (for us older folks!) and only allpurposeflour.
 below: green apple n celery juice, fresh fruit and oats for me every morning...
shsssh don't tell DH about that 2am slice of yumminess this morning! LOL!
ps: DD#1 went into hospital this morning, last update '2cm'


  1. Hi Emily,
    Your cake really rise! Luckily that your remembered the streusel at all! LOL! Glad it turned out great! OK, I will not tell on your 2am snack, you just be a good girl and carry on with you daily healthy breakfast! I don't mind having the juice and fruits for breakfast but I have never like oats!
    Very soon you will be promoted! Meanwhile, will pray for a safe and healthy delivery for both mother and child! :)

  2. Thanks Joyce for the good wishes for my promotion-to-be soon!

    Aiyoh DH did not touch the Walnut and honey woh..... hopefull he will like this cake!

  3. Super like the volcanos :D. The cake is a must-keep.
    Such an exciting time for you. Wishing from my heart for a safe delivery and good health for both of them.

  4. Anuja,

    Yup, delish. will try and remember the topping next time I bake this and in cupcake form!

    Thanks for your wishes!

  5. Great cake for afternoon tea or breakfast.

  6. Looks good & delicious! Ya, it's a delicious cake that I certainly will bake again! Wow! So happy for you that soon you'll get promoted! Wishing both mother & baby a safe delivery & in best of health! HUGS :)

  7. trust me, sometimes i can just be as forgetful as you but not the streusels this time. Glad to hear that you still enjoyed eating the cake. 2am? you re just like abbygail..baking in the middle of the night!haha! anyway, do update us when you've officially become a grandmother!

  8. As much as I love the topping, the cake is good enough to stand alone. Thanks for baking with me, this month.

  9. Lovely cake ;) ... I can be worst sometimes when I totally forgotten about adding sugar to my bakes... LOL

  10. Wow, youre cake really looks like it ruptured as a volcano.
    I used a springform pan to so i could easily slight it from the bottom and the streusel topping would not come off. Glad it still worked for you, and i like how the look.

  11. Wow, your cake rose up high. The blueberries were evenly spread out too. Nice looking one.
    Hundred Eighty Degrees

  12. Yum! The cake and blueberries look so moist!

  13. I do stuff like that too... forget to add this or that to a cake, then suddenly realise it :) Your cake looks very moist and delicious. Look forward to baking together in future THB sessions! - Mich@ Piece of Cake