Sunday, March 18, 2012

Strawberry lemon thyme galette!

A heaping cup of AP flour, 115g cold butter cubed, pinch of salt
rub together with fingertips or with fork
add cold milk dollop by dollop until well combined
press into a ball and rolled out on a floured surface
sprinkle centre of rolled dough with a handful of soft brown sugar
topped with (I used toasted walnuts, broken into bits)
pulled out some leaves of lemon thyme  
 top with halved hulled strawberries, sprinkled another hand of sugar and
more lemon thyme leaves
 fold edges of dough towards centre, overlapping as you go
 baked in hot 350-400 oven for 30 minutes
 glazed top with melted strawberry jam to keep moist
2nd DD said could be better with a wee bit more sugar...
and we forgot all about ice cream!
so Done! berry galette


  1. Wow, yum! yum! I have been thinking about galette! Never mind, I'll drool first, make later! :)