Friday, December 9, 2011

Light Rye Bread x 2

This Light Rye Bread recipe from Kitchenaid which I used twice (above) gave me two results,
baffling! And here is my second go at this bread. Rather nice!
Below: This is the gadget I got to enable me to use my US bought Kitchenaid Classic Stand Mixer!
With the first bake - the loaves were a tad too dark on the bottoms,
second session - I placed the pans on that muffin pan to bake!
The loaves popped out of the pans without any leftover mess!
But of course, I lined the bottoms with parchment paper!
Slice on the left was the first attempt and wow look at that second attempt!
For the second bake I use pans for size control!


Maritim Guest House said...

Looks good, save me a slice!!! or two.

kitchen flavours said...

Nothing like homemade bread! Looks lovely! Wish you a lovely Sunday!

3lilangels said...