Sunday, February 20, 2011

TCS ~ Feb's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch Cake ~ Take #1

 My cake batter looks good!
 Above: Went overboard with my too-coarse-peanut brittle topping (to self: chop finer!)
Above: Note to self: go easy with that topping, its pulled the cake down! Otherwise, the texture was very soft!
Above: packed for 2 young ladies at work. Goodness!~! I did not sit down and eat one whole cupcake even, was eating the scraps of a few of 12 stuck to the bottoms of my non-stick muffin pan! and at 2am this morning!  Gonna make another batch tonight with adjustments and with substitutes! A bit too sweet for old folks.... otherwise its yummy for coffee lovers.
You can find the Recipe HERE:


  1. I liked this cake, but mine was a little dry. I'll keep in mind not too put too much of the crunch on top if I am making a smaller cake.

  2. Love the idea of these little beauties in cupcake form - yummy!