Friday, April 12, 2019

CTBF~Everyday Dorie ~ Salmon burgers

Dorie's serving options for salmon patties, on burger buns or with salad, or pasta, and as is without cooking.  I paired them with my first ever hasselback sweet potatoes (purple ones!) 
The above two patties were the second pair I cooked re-using the same metal shaped 'rings' (just not round).  The first two collapsed when the metal rings were removed before flipping. 
(Below: hubby's salmon patties dinner with hasselbacks, avocado salad, and corn kernels in egg drop soup. And dinner was an hour late.. )
Hence I went for my plan B - added mashed sweet potatoes, which was ready and on standby, to the salmon mixture! 
And flipped them over while still in the metal 'rings' , achieving some degree of success, cos the patties were still delicate(!)
I refrigerated the balance of the salmon mix.  Baked it in a 200ml ramekin,  topped with an egg.  Paired with the pickled onions and cucumbers on crispbread, for my lunch! 
are cooking from
Dorie Greenspan's
Everyday Dorie, The Way I Coo
Recipe from page 174-175
A Big Thank You to KatieBetsy and Mary
for putting everything into order and making it happen!
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  1. I like all the various iterations of how you had your salmon burgers! mm..I love hasselback potatoes - throw some cheese on there next time! so good!

  2. Oh I love the idea of it baked in a ramekin with an egg!

  3. I'm with Mardi! the ramekin with an egg looks like a great idea!! Well done on the hasselbacks!

  4. I have some leftover salmon mix in the freezer. Bake in a ramekin seems like a great idea. ~Shirley

  5. I love the molds you used! I didn't have any problem with them falling apart - I seem to be in the minority, though.

  6. I like your ramekin idea with an egg on top!

  7. Wow, you certainly were versatile and creative with your various salmon burger menus. Bottom line, those burgers were delicious and flavorful, despite their fragility. Nice job.

  8. You came up with lots of options and they all sound great!

  9. The mixture was quite wet...good job on persevering!! We thought these were great!

  10. Oooh love it all but I am thinking that ramekin version is pure genius. And those purple hasslebacks, wow !! Lovely job all around and lucky hubby !