Thursday, February 1, 2018

CtBF - MPK: Cassoulet

So, I made duck confit, the counterfeit way by David previously, but one of the two duck legs was hijacked by hubby (after he said he didn't and can't eat duck!); so there went my duck confit for the cassoulet!
I improvised with a roasted duck leg from one of the more popular duck rice stall near me! Plain, without its sauce or condiments. I still have duck fat left over, so that helped abit. I also used minced meat instead of sausages (afterall it's just sausage, without the casing!). I also used canned beans...
After cooking all the components on the stove for twenty minutes to let the flavours mingle, I dished the mixture into individual serving ie ramekins, baked them with olive oil infused bread crumbs (not good, burnt) for twenty minutes and without breadcrumbs for same length of bake time, followed by adding the oiled crumbs and baked for a further five mins (worked!). It was pretty darn tasty and that one roasted duck leg (shredded) and other components made a fair bit, so this was two dinners and a light lunch for one!

are cooking from My Paris Kitchen, David Lebovitz's latest book.
Cassoulet (white bean, sausage, duck confit casserole)  but I cheated, big time! ~ Recipe from pages 192-197 of
A Big Thank You to KatieBetsy and Mary
for putting everything into order and making it happen!
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Zosia said...

Leftover confit of duck wouldn't last long here either with 2 carnivores to fight over it! I loved your improvisations to make this delicious dish come together.