Tuesday, February 13, 2018

CC#26:Asparagus with deep fried crumbed egg

Five minutes boiled eggs, removed and straight into ice cold water bath. Leave them there until completely cooled. Gently tap the egg shell all over with back of spoon, gently peel away the shell.

They are then tipped into flour to coat, then into beaten egg, lastly into breadcrumbs with (sesame seeds, which is my own spin), Monica used pancetta and panko crumbs. Gently lower each egg into 175c hot oil, cook for one minute until golden, remove and drain on kitchen paper.  As can be seen from first couple of pictures, I had excellent results.

 I found this copy of Monica Galetti's Monica's Kitchen at Parkson at MyTown in Cheras. It has a foreword by Michel Roux Jr too. Not surprising as she works for him in London.
A well written Cookbook, instructions provided are easy to follow, and detailed!  She has given her own spin to many French traditional recipes to make them easy to execute at home.
I am co-hosting Cookbook Countdown together with Joyce of Kitchen Flavours.  If you are like, who love to collect cookbooks and have an overcrowding bookshelf (or bookshelves!), yet most of the books have not been used at all, now is the time to change that.  Join us at Cookbook Countdown! 

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Zosia said...

You most certainly did have excellent results. That egg looks fantastic!