Sunday, November 12, 2017

IHCC & CC#23: Red cabbage and apple salad with dried cherries

This today's post is all about IHCC's monthly Featured Ingredient Challenge
I simmered the dried cranberries (Hugh used dried cherries) in freshly squeezed orange juice til hot but not boiling, removed from heat and let it sit for two hours for the berries to absolve the orange juice and plumb up!  After which, drain the cranberries BUT reserve the juices for use in the dressing!

Separate each leaf (remove the hard stem) and sliced thinly, add to the drained berries, stir to mix well, let sit in the fridge for half hour; make your dressing in a glass jar. I used olive oil, mustard, juices from the berries, salt and pepper - shake!  

Add toasted walnuts to the cabbage, toss, pour the dressing over, stir to mix well, let it sit in the fridge to infuse further.  Just before serving, stir once more (test if need more seasoning before serving)!
Red cabbage and apple salad with dried cranberries
recipe from pages 380-381
River Cottage Fruit every day by Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall
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Diane Zwang said...

This looks like a lovely salad.

kitchen flavours said...

This is one salad that I would enjoy very much!

Lydia Filgueras said...

It's hard for me to turn down anything with cabbage and apples. This looks wonderful!

Zosia said...

That salad looks perfect for the season and the dried cranberries and walnuts would be such a nice surprise in every bite.

Kim said...

This salad has a nice combination of texture, chewy dried fruit and crunchy walnuts. I love that!