Monday, February 20, 2017

CtBF: MPK ~ Merveilleux

Made half the recipe and the meringues were not white,
none of my meringues from time immemorial were ever white,
and they turned soft and sticky after one hour in the open .
I did stick them in the fridge, they did firm up and
turned limp when the Merveilleux came in contact
with them and so difficult and messy coating them.
Messier still trying to coat them with the shaved chocolate.
In the end I just shaved the chocolate directly over them!
and transferred them to the paper cups via two spoons.
And oh! just when you thought the cream was firm enough,
you turn your back, they changed to something else!
And oh! I had to make the Merveilleux twice, the first
batch turned liquid-y as soon as I added the sugar????
Above: the prettier of the two
I did not want to show you this, 
but the above was wolved down in two mins by me!
Verdict... too sweet... so messy... 
the cream part was delicious though...
are cooking from My Paris Kitchen,
David Lebovitz's latest book.

 Recipe from pages 281-282 of
David Lebovitz's My Paris Kitchen
A Big Thank You to KatieBetsy and Mary
for putting everything into order and making it happen!
my collection of David's books:
and newly acquired copy of this
Ready for Desserts
made possible by this lovely lady!
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Mardi (eat. live. travel. write.) said...

So sweet. SOOOOOOOOO messy huh?

Nana said...

Yes, these were very messy, but oh so good.

flour.ish.en said...

Humidity may be a factor in play here. You've made it through, twice! Good for you.